Cashmere duvet 200x150cm filled with pure cashmere


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Cashmere duvet comforter, lightweight and amazing warm, 200cm x 150 cm, manufactured by Gobi corporation, Mongolia. Gobi corporation uses Japanese technology to make its products. 

Outside color is random color or pattern.

Use your own duvet cover for the feel and style of your room. 

cashmere duvet comforter Mongolia

At the time you order, if the product is not immediately available, it may take up to 2 weeks until it is restocked. Or your order will be refunded. New designs and colors of the blankets appear fast to replace existing ones temporarily or permanently.

cashmere blanket comforter duvet 200x150cm, warm, cozy, Mongolia


pure cashmere filled blanket duvet comforter


Cashmere is the one of the worlds finest  and most luxurious natural fibres.

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