Cashmere blanket 215x185cm, 72x84inch, Gobi Brown


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Cashmere blanket. Luxuriously soft, lightweight and warm. 100% cashmere, not alloyed with acrylic or wool. Best quality product in the industry.

Manufactured by Gobi corporation, Mongolia. Gobi is a premier export product manufacturer of Mongolia and uses Japanese technology.

At the time you order, if the product is not immediately available, it may take up to 2 weeks until it is restocked. Or your order will be refunded. New designs and colors of the blankets appear fast to replace existing ones temporarily or permanently.

warm soft cashmere blanket 215x185 brown

Size: 215cm x 185cm

cashmere blanket packaged

Cashmere is the one of the worlds finest  and most luxurious natural fibres. Knitwear made from cashmere requires care and  attention  but will reward you by lasting a long time. Your garment will continue to feel  soft and luxurious wash after wash if it is well cared for. The cashmere fibre is collected by hand by combing the cashmere goat during molting season and it takes the fleece of more than two goats to produce one piece of knitwear. Wash care instruction 

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