Green horse head fiddle/ Morin khuur. Red tuning pegs.


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Horse head fiddle supplied to professional musicians. Morin khuur for sale. Morinhuur. Mongolian musical instrument. The horse head is green. Tuning pegs are red.


-morin khuur (Horse head fiddle)

-bow for the morin khuur

-carrying bag

-box for shipment

The strings are synthetic.

Close up fo the head of the morin khuur
Can be ordered with optional instruction book bilingual English/Mongolian below:  


The following image shows approximate size of the morin khuur instrument compared to a Fender guitar.

mongolian horse headed fiddle

IF morinhuur instruction book is ordered, it will be shipped together in the box.


Shipped in the following wooden box:


horse-head-fiddle in a box


Serial: z-450-2015-2-17

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