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Since time unknown Mongolian children played with ankle bones game. It is called shagai game. The ankle bones are from goat or sheep. Sometimes children play with just 4 of them, sometimes with hundreds of them. 

It is a favorite and fun pastime for children and even sports among adults. There are many games: 4 difficult, horse racing, shagai flicking, shagai shooting, colorful turtle, etc.

You can paint it in colors.
50 pieces, packaged in a random color silk or cotton or leather bag.


Watch video (the 4 difficult):

Watch video (Colorful turtle):

Watch video (sports):

Watch video (shagai flicking):

mongolian ankle bone game

mongolian ankle bones game

mongolian ankle bone game

shagai games

Aah, the horse racing.


shagai games

shagai games

Colorful turtle. Takes 92 shagai. Shagai bones (ankle bones) for sale.

Goat and sheep astragalus. 

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