Camel wool socks (Mongolian camel wool socks)


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– ☕ WARM WOOL SOCKS. Camel wool socks are warmer than most wool socks including merino. Whether used as boot or home socks, it is one of the best warm socks from one of the coldest countries. It can serve as a cozy winter warm socks, hiking socks or nice wool socks gift. 

-⚒ ⛷ DRY FEET. Most boot socks feel clammy after awhile, whereas these novelty socks made from natural wool will keep your feet drier. Inside boots body vapor does not escape which causes wet feet. But camel wool and yak wool is very absorbent, keeping your feet dry largely. Put on these warm mens socks & womens socks for outdoor or home, for skiing, winter, cold weather or commute. 

– DURABLE. These warm socks are more durable than most camel wool socks available. It is made with 90% camel wool / 6% spandex / 4% viscose.  Prep your wool socks for your commute instead of getting sore throat, cold, or runny nose, later. It is the most durable camel wool socks from Mongolia.

–  ODOR RESISTANT. You will notice less stink with these socks, thus less need to wash. How cool! Even saves our precious water. Camel, natural wool is very absorbent. With as much content of camel organic wool as possible, it does not create a condition for bacteria growth, which causes the stink. 

–  CARE INSTRUCTION. No bleach. Hand wash in lukewarm water, squeeze, and hang dry. Wool tend to shrink slightly after a wash. So just slightly stretch flat our wool socks after each wash and hang dry or lay flat.

-☼ In Mongolia camels freely graze in the Gobi desert, in tough cold -40C to a hot +40C temp range. If their wool keeps them warm, these wool socks will keep your feet warm too.

– Work and rest warmer and calmer. These warmest thermal socks will make a nice wool socks gift for her, for mom, for men! Older people tend to feel cold feet due to low circulation of blood to extremities. They will love it. If you sit behind a table working many hours, you will notice your feet warmer with these yak wool socks. A cool wool socks gift, as it is a novelty socks they probably never received. Add to cart and get yours today!



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