Yak wool throw blanket (200×150)


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Yak wool throw blanket. 100% pure yak wool. Not mixed with acrylic or cotton to save material.

Lightweight and warm. Manufactured by Mete corporation, Mongolia.

This is may be the most versatile blanket. Throw it on your legs while watching TV or reading books in a frigid home or throw to the back of the car when going for camping. The most used item by ourselves. 

At the time you order, if the product is not immediately available, it may take up to 2 weeks until it is restocked. Or your order will be refunded. New designs and colors of the blankets appear fast to replace existing ones temporarily or permanently.


yak wool throw blanket versatile

Dry cleaning
Size: 200cm x 150 cm
Weight: around 1kg



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Weight 1 kg


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