Mongolian buriad ethic boots (green)


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Buryat ethnic boots have less curved tip compared to Mongol style boots. Yet it is very soft for the feet and warm. It is hand made using leather, suede on the outside and cotton lining inside.
When you order it, specify your size. Your foot length should be measured. Weight:1200gr
  Cow hide 100%
When ordering please specify your size. Custom boots will be manufactured in from 5 days to up to 3 weeks depending on backlog of orders with the maker of the boots.

 Measure your foot length as shown in the image expressed in cm and choose size options accordingly from below. While checking out you'll be asked to enter special instruction, there you can put more specific info, like " feet size is 27.5cm" etc.

If your European or US size is known let it be notified to help.

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