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  • Mud soap
  • Bath bomb
  • Hand cream
  • Coffee, “jamts” salt body scrub

100% natural SKINCARE.

How should I use the bath bomb?

1. Fill the tub with water. Use a temperature that is not too hot and not too cold for you.

2. Put the bath bomb in the water. You can put 2 if you want, there is no bad reaction with it, because it is 100% organic.

3. Over time, the bath bomb will start to break apart and dissolve, thus allowing all the beneficial oils, salts, and butters to be released into the bath water.

4. Sit in the tub 15-20 min. The bath bomb will fill the water with essential oils, nourishing and moisturizing butters and oils, and additional items, such as flower petals.

5. Clean the tub. Rinse off the oil.

Is it possible for children or people with sensitive skin to use the bath bomb?
Yes. Our bath bombs are made of purely natural ingredients and thus there is no restriction of use. Especially for such a country like Mongolia with extreme climate conditions, our bath bombs are very beneficial for the skin and will provide necessary nutrients. Nevertheless, always check before using a product, whether you are allergic to any of the included ingredients. It is suggested not to use the product if so.


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