Camel wool duvet (200x150cm)

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Camel wool duvet comforter. Amazing warm.

Color or pattern on the outisde is random. Depends on what's in stock. It should be used with your duvet cover for your room color or ambience. A duvet cover is used to be washed and replaced. 

Filled with Mongolian camel wool. The camel wool comes from the two-humped Bactrian camels of Gobi desert (Mongolia). Camel wool comforters are super cozy because camel wool is lightweight (camel hair is hollow) yet very warm.

Thermostatic properties of camel hair regulate temperature under all thermal conditions. It makes human body warmer in cold temperatures and cooler in warm temperatures. This is how Mongolian camels got adapted to extreme temperature fluctuations in the desert where the temperature ranges from 100 degrees in summer to minus 40 degrees in winter with snow atop dunes.

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Dry cleaning
Size: 200cm x 150 cm

odejalo iz verbljuzhej shersti 

odejalo iz verbljuzhej shersti

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