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Mongolia has a lot of yaks. This animal tend to prefer cold or cool weather and climb high to mountains in summer as it lets get cool ambience. The wool or down of yaks have been  used in garments that provide warmth and softness.

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zip through sweater for men

Zip through sweater. Made from yak wool. more info


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Mongolian shepherd hat

My name is Bán Mihály, I live in Romania (in...

Mongol costumes

Today I got my red mongolian hat and it is so beautiful and...

Horse bridle

arrived quicker than expected.. as a period re enactor i am...

yak wool throw blanket (grey, trim)

This blanket is very soft, lightweight but very cozy and...

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Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$28.99  $100.00
Save: -245%
Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$22.99  $145.80
Save: -534%
Black jacket

Black jacket

$239.00  $197.89
Save: 17%