Wolf ankle

Wolf ankle with silver ornament. size: 5cm Used in necklace, pendant. Best with matching color /silver necklace. more info

wolf fang (wolf)

Wolf fang, with silver ornament, for necklace.  size: 6cm more info


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Mongol costumes

Today I got my red mongolian hat and it is so beautiful and...

yak wool throw blanket (grey, trim)

This blanket is very soft, lightweight but very cozy and...

Mongolian shepherd hat

My name is Bán Mihály, I live in Romania (in...

Horse bridle

arrived quicker than expected.. as a period re enactor i am...

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Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$22.99  $145.80
Save: -534%
Black jacket

Black jacket

$239.00  $197.89
Save: 17%
Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$28.99  $100.00
Save: -245%