Wolf ankle

Wolf ankle with silver ornament. size: 5cm Used in necklace, pendant. Best with matching color /silver necklace. more info

wolf fang (wolf)

Wolf fang, with silver ornament, for necklace.  size: 6cm more info


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yak wool throw blanket (grey, trim)

This blanket is very soft, lightweight but very cozy and...

Mongol costumes

Today I got my red mongolian hat and it is so beautiful and...

Horse bridle

arrived quicker than expected.. as a period re enactor i am...

Mongolian shepherd hat

My name is Bán Mihály, I live in Romania (in...

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Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$22.99  $145.80
Save: -534%
Black jacket

Black jacket

$239.00  $197.89
Save: 17%
Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$28.99  $100.00
Save: -245%