ankle bones game "4 difficult" shagai game

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Sheep ankle bones games are widely used in Mongolia. Children and even adults play it. It was first of the favorite pastime things for children.

This game involves throwing 4 ankle bones (of sheep, goat). Each side an ankle is facing up when thrown has a name: sheep, goat, horse, camel. 
Lucky thrower who gets the 4 at the same time wins.
Another game: ankle bones used as horse racing by children. The number of horses you get throwing "the difficult 4" makes you advance your "horse" ankles, which are separate group of ankles, by that number of steps. 
In Mongolia, children, especially in the countryside, throw hundreds of ankle bones on felt rug. Game is on... 
Shagai game
4 berh (4 difficult)
Random color / pattern/ random material small bag (2 varieties shown as example). The bag can be silk, felt, cotton, etc.
Instruction on paper
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