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For wholesale price of products listed below please inquire us. For group price, shipment cost, manufacturing time, contact us.

Our wholesale products will involve the same size, material, design product you pick, but usually with different or random colors.

If you have wholesale purchase request of any product included in our store, please contact us in advance. Your suggestion may range from warm camel wool baby boots to luxurious burberry cashmere scarves. Many products below show retail price unless expressly shows wholesale price.

Camel wool baby boots

Camel wool boots for babies/infants. Wonderfully warm, soft on baby feet, 100% camel wool. Manufactured by Mongolia's top cashmere corporation Gobi. See below wholesale prices! Length 8 cm. Weight 40gr. more info

felt boots

Very warm and light. 100% sheep wool felt slippers  Specify size. Manufacturing will take 5-12 days and will depend on the backlog of orders. Measure your foot length as shown  in the image and choose below. more info

felt slippers

Healthiest pampering for the feet. Never stinks vs leather or synthetic /polyester materials. Always keeps foot dry. Notably warm. Once you get it, your family likely to be converted to it.100% sheep wool felt slippers  Specify size. Manufacturing w more info

sheep wool, baby boots (1-3 months) (puppy)

sheep wool, baby boots (for 1-3 months old) (puppy) more info

wholesale felt pads for mugs

Felt pads for mugs. Minimum order quantity 3pcs. Color and design: random, Size: 20cm diameter. more info

wholesale: felt boots for infants

Wholesale felt boots for infants and babies. Size 11-12cm approx. Minimum order quantity:  Different, random colors, shoestrings and designs.   more info


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yak wool throw blanket (grey, trim)

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Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$28.99  $100.00
Save: -245%
Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$22.99  $145.80
Save: -534%
Black jacket

Black jacket

$239.00  $197.89
Save: 17%