copper items

copper bracelet

Copper bracelet. It is said to be good for wrist pain and muscle fatigue. Mongolians use copper cups and items  for its perceived health effects.  Copper wristband.   If you get cramps in your hand after computer use, see its effects. more info

copper spoon

Copper spoon. Bigger than tea spoon. more info


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Mongol costumes

Today I got my red mongolian hat and it is so beautiful and...

yak wool throw blanket (grey, trim)

This blanket is very soft, lightweight but very cozy and...

yak wool throw blanket

Just received my purchase and I love it so much. It's...

Horse bridle

arrived quicker than expected.. as a period re enactor i am...

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Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$28.99  $100.00
Save: -245%
Black jacket

Black jacket

$239.00  $197.89
Save: 17%
Mongolian flag

Mongolian flag

$22.99  $145.80
Save: -534%