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Horse riding trek with personal a cook, an english speaking guide, and horse wranglers. Ride through vast open valleys and panoramic ridges,  from the Genghis Khaan’s Whip, a place he rode horses, to the Princess Temple ruins.

Day 1. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Pick up at the airport. Transfer to hotel. Museum. D.

Day 2. Drive to Tsonjin Boldog, 54 km. Get lifted to the top of the giant monument of Genghis Khaan to get a spectacular view of the area. It is said that here a young man Temuujin, who was later to become Genghis Khaan, found a whip on his way back with two brothers in 1177 after meeting King Tooril to whom he presented a luxurious mink coat and formed an alliance with. Running into a whip is a good omen for ever-horse-riding Mongolian men. Happy with the item, Genghis said, “the way of great endeavor opened”. The 40m tall monument depicts him holding a whip under his arm. The base building of the monument has 36 columns representing 36 kings born in the lineage of Genghis Khaan. After lunch, stay in ger camp. We’ll meet our horse guides too.